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Prices below includes airmail shipping 價格已包含空郵郵費
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83054MB Jeeps in detailHK$235/US$30.50
83053Humver Mk.II Scout car in detailHK$160/US$20.50
83052M38 Jeeps in detailHK$180/US$23.50
83050WR 360 C14 locomotive in detailHK$180/US$23.50
83048M 101A1 Howitzer in detailHK$150/US$19.50
83047sFH-18 Family in detailHK$200
83046GPW Jeep in detailHK$200
83044Krupp Protze in detailHK$220
83040M-24 Chaffee in detailHK$200
83039Opel Blitz variants in detailHK$250
83038PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf.A-D in detailHK$199
83037Sd.Kfz 251/1D & OT-810 in detailHK$250
83036Sd.kfz 7 & Flak 18/36/37 in detailHK$250
83035Kubelwagen in detailHK$180
83033Harley Davidson in detailHK$180
83032Amphibious Jeeps in detailHK$199
83031Dodge Truck in detailHK$190
83030US WW2 Field Camp in detailHK$199
83027WW2 Soviet Anti-tank gunHK$140
83025WW2 Field HowtzerHK$140
83024Lesany Army Technical MuseumHK$140
83023Studebaker US6 in detailHK$140
83022Kettenkrad in detailHK$140
#830015 #830016 #830018 #830019 #830028 #830029
Zundapp KS750 in detail Gaz-67 Tchapayev in detail Horch in detail Schwimmwagen in detail Dodge Beep in detail Jeeps in detail
HK$130/US$17 HK$130/US$17 HK$130/US$17 HK$130/US$17 HK$180/US$23 HK$199/US$26
#830015 #830016 #830018 #830019 #830020 #830021
Zundapp KS750 in detail Gaz-67 Tchapayev in detail Horch in detail Schwimmwagen in detail Wespe in detail BMW R75 in detail
HK$130/US$17 HK$130/US$17 HK$130/US$17 HK$130/US$17 HK$130/US$17 HK$130/US$17
#830005 #830008 #830009 #830010 #830011 #830014
GMC CCKW 353+352 in detail VW Kubelwagen in detail Steyr 1500A in detail Wireless for Wehrmacht in detail Jeep M38A1 in detail Israeli Armour in detail part 2
Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out HK$130/US$17 HK$130/US$17 HK$130/US$17
830PVL23BTR-70 in detailHK$185
830PVL22KAJAPA in detailHK$200
830PVL21FMTV trucks in detailHK$260
830PVL20PT-76 Family in detailHK$299
830PVL19Stryker in detail Part 2HK$380
830PVL18M1A1 AIM Abrams in detailHK$200
830PVL17Stryker in detail Part 1HK$299
830PVL16T-55 Special/Recovery Vehicles in detailHK$250
830PVL15SA-6 Gainful in detailHK$190
830PVL14T-72/T-72M in detailHK$350
830PVL13NATO Vehicles & Trucks in detailHK$220
830PVL12M35A2 in detailHK$170
830PVL11Pz.H2000 in detailHK$210
830PVL10Bundeswehr tank transporters in detailHK$190
830PVL9Zil-157 truck w/SAM-2 in detailHK$175
830PVL8AS-90 Braveheart in detailHK$180
830PVL7T-54/55 Variants in detailSOLD OUT
803PVL6Gaz-66 VariantsHK$150
830PVL5Ural 4320/375 truck in detailHK$150
830PVL4M998 HMMWV in detailHK$170
830PVL3US Army truck tractors in detailHK$150
830PVL2Ford Mutt in detailHK$150
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830HPL321st TAC AFB Caslav in detailHK$199
830HPL2Czechoslovak Spitfire in detailHK$150
830HPL1Luftwaffe over Czech sky in detailHK$150
83045Bristol Fighter F.2B in detailHK$199
83043Bf 109G2 in detailHK$199
83042Meteor F.8 in detailHK$199
83041Ki-46 III Dinah in detailHK$199
83034Grumman TBF/TBM Avenger in detailHK$225
83026Spitfire LF.Mk.IXHK$199
83017Israeli Aircraft in detail part 2HK$190
830-13Israeli Aircrafts in detail part 1HK$150
83012Fi-156 Storch in detailHK$140
8307Avia S-199/CS-199 in detailSOLD OUT
8306TBM/TBF Avenger in detailSOLD OUT
8304Il-2 / Il-10 in detailSOLD OUT
8301UH-60A Black Hawk in detailSOLD OUT
830PAL13CH-47 Chinook in detailHK$250
830PAL12Sea King in detailHK$180
830PAL11Mi-4 Hound in detailHK$195
830PAL10Bo-105 in detailHK$150
830PAL9Westland Lynx in detailHK$150
830PAL8Mi-8/9 HIP in detailHK$240
830PAL7MiG-21 MF/UM Variants in detailHK$290
830PAL6OH-6 Cayuse in detailHK$150
830PAL5L-39 Albatros in detailHK$199
830PAL4Mi-24 HIND in detailHK$280
830PAL3Czech Tigers in detailHK$190
830PAL2Westland Sea King in detailSOLD OUT
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Prices above includes shipping by airmail